Our Activities

We work with a solution-oriented approach to make your work faster, easier and more efficient

Representation of the INTERSERT Conformity Assessment Services Inc. to the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the most authoritative certification body in the field of assessing the adequacy of the country’s quality infrastructure. INTERSERT performs its activities in an appropriate way with accreditation rules, national and international standards and based on customer satisfaction and prestige. With regards all these, improving the qualification of our staff and quality infrastructure and raising servicing capability is between the fundamentals of our quality policy.

INTERSERT- Work around the world and across the industry to make your work faster, easier and more efficient. INTERSERT operates independently and impartially, creating a system of continuous quality service that helps reduce risks and facilitate the process.


To increase the competitiveness of our country, to facilitate trade at national and international levels and to further improve the standard of living of the community: to provide our activities such as certification, conformity assessment etc. in an impartial, independent, effective and reliable manner.


Adding Value to our quality with sustainable, impartial and reliable services.